Updated: February 19th, 2024

The website Orebella (found at is run by BKH Essential LLC. At Orebella, we know how important it is to keep your personal details safe. That's why we've made rules (called a "Privacy Policy") to protect the information you give us when you visit our site.

Here's what you should know:

  • We take good care of the personal details you share with us.
  • This Privacy Policy only covers information you give on our website. If you give us information in other ways, this policy doesn't apply.
  • We might change this Privacy Policy from time to time. You can see when we last updated it by checking the date at the top of this page.
  • This Privacy Policy is part of the rules for using our website. It explains how we use your information. To view our Terms of Use, click here.

And just to clarify, we don't have any mobile apps.

What We Collect

Your Personal Details:

  • We collect details like your name, email, and phone number when you buy something on our website. We keep this info unless you ask us to delete it. If you buy through another platform, we might not have these details.

Types of Info We've Collected in the Past Year:

  • We've collected basic details like names, addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses.
  • We've also noted which websites you visit, what you search for, and how you interact with ads.
  • We know where you are based on your device.
  • We might have sensitive info like your race, health details, or religious beliefs, but only when we really need it.


  • If you use our chatbot, we may collect the information about your use of the chatbot and any information you provide when using the chatbot.

Your comments, feedback, or reviews:

  • When you post comments, feedback, reviews, or other content on the website, you may be providing us with personal information.

Info you provide info when you contact us:

  • If you inquire into our services or otherwise reach out to us, we may collect the information about you including the information you provide directly.

Your Payment Details:

  • If you buy something, you'll give your payment details to Shopify, not us. They handle all the money stuff. We might see the last four digits of your card, but that's it. Check out Shopify’s rules at

Your Computer's Address (IP Address):

  • Every computer has a unique address. We see it, but we don't link it to your personal information. We might use it to stop anyone causing trouble or to fix website issues.

Other Info We Collect Automatically:

  • When you visit our website, we collect some general info. This includes when you visited, where you're visiting from, and what you do on our site. We use this to make our website better.

Third-Party Help:

  • We work with other companies to run our website and collect data. They might use cookies (small data files) to gather anonymous info about how people use our site. They've promised only to use this info to help us and not for their own reasons.

Overview of the data we collect

Type of Data Examples Purpose(s) for Collection Categories of Source(s) Categories of Third Parties With Which PI Was Shared Categories of Third Parties To Which PI was Sold Data Retention
Identifiers and Personal Information (PI) Categories name, postal address, telephone number, partial credit and debit card information, unique personal identifier, online identifier, IP address, email address, account name To process and fulfill orders, communicate with customers, and provide personalized shopping experiences Direct input from customers during account creation, order placement, or newsletter sign-up Shopify, Klaviyo, Gorgias, Okendo None 5 years (or as long as the account remains active)
Internet or Other Similar Network Activity browsing history, search history, interaction with a website, application, or advertisement To improve website functionality, analyze user behavior, and enhance marketing strategies Automatic collection when users browse the website Klaviyo, Okendo None 2 years

Using Cookies and Tracking Tools on Our Website

Our website uses a few tools to enhance your experience:

  1. Cookies: These are small files we send to your computer. They remember your visits and preferences on our site.
  2. Web Beacons: These are tiny images that help us see what parts of our site you visit.
  3. Pixel Tags: These track your activity on our site, like the links you click.

If you'd rather not have these cookies, you can manage or delete them using our cookie banner through the privacy choices link below or at the bottom of the site. Also, you can check the "Help" section in your browser or the settings on your mobile device. Just remember, if you turn off cookies, some parts of our site might not work as smoothly.

We also use a tool called Google Analytics. It shows us how visitors interact with our site without revealing their identities. If you provide your contact info to Google Analytics, they might connect it to your activity on our site. To learn more about Google Analytics or to opt-out, click here and here.

We might add other tools in the future to help us understand our website better. Always feel free to use our cookie banner to manage your preferences.

Ads Based on Your Interests

Orebella allows some other companies to put cookies on our website. These cookies track what you do on our site. Why? So that when you visit other websites, you can see ads that match your interests. This is called "ads based on your interests." The rules for these other companies aren't in our Privacy Policy. But we follow guidelines from the Digital Advertising Alliance about this kind of advertising. If you don't want these personalized ads, you can choose to stop them using our cookie banner on our website. You can also learn more or opt-out of these ads by visiting or

Chatting on Our Website

We have a chat tool on our website. It lets you talk to our automated helpers, and sometimes real people, to get help or answers to your questions. Just so you know, we might save these chat conversations. If you use the chat, it means you're okay with us recording the conversation. If you don't want to be recorded, please don't use the chat.

"Do Not Track" Browser Setting

Some web browsers have a "Do Not Track" feature. It tells websites you visit that you don't want them to track what you do online. But, there's no standard way for browsers to do this yet. So, our website doesn't change anything when it sees this signal. If a common method is agreed upon in the future, we might change how our site responds to it.

Giving Us Permission to Use Your Info

When you give us your personal information, you're letting us use and share them as explained here. Just by using our website, you're saying it's okay for us to gather and use your info in these ways.

Buying from Our Website: When you buy something on our site, you're saying it's okay for us to use your details. We might even reach out to you with special offers or news.

Age Limit: You need to be at least 18 to use our site. We don't knowingly collect info from anyone under 13. Our site isn't made for kids.

Using Our Site from Outside the U.S.: If you're visiting our site from another country, know that your info might cross borders. By using our site, you're okay with this.

How We Use Your Info

Here's a simple breakdown of why we need your personal information:

  • Communication: We use your info to chat with everyone involved in your transactions on our site. This helps us complete your orders smoothly.
  • Deliveries & Services: We send you materials, info, and services. We also use your details to send out your orders.
  • Problem-Solving: If there's an issue with our services, we use your info to let you know and fix it.
  • Payment Help: We share your info with Shopify to help process your payments.
  • Understanding You: We want to know what our customers like and need. Your info helps us with that.
  • Improving Our Site: We look at how our services and site are doing and think of ways to make them better. Your info helps here too.
  • Making the Site Work for You: We use your details to make sure our site works well and shows you things you might like.
  • Legal Stuff: Sometimes, we need to use your info because the law says so.
  • Keeping the Site Safe: If someone's not following our rules or doing something illegal on our site, we might need to use your info to check on that.
  • Other Reasons: There are other reasons mentioned in our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions. Sometimes, the law lets us use your info in these ways.
  • Contacting You: We might reach out to you with important info or answers to your questions. We might also send you messages about your account or security. If you don't want emails or messages from us, you can tell us to stop sending them.
  • Consent: We otherwise may use your personal information with your consent

Remember, we only use your info to make our services better for you and to keep everything running smoothly.

Choosing Your Communication Preferences

When you share your personal information on our website, sometimes you'll see an option to get updates or info from us. Here's how you can control what you receive:

  • Want to Hear from Us?: At times, we'll ask if you'd like to get emails or messages from us. If you want them, just check the box.
  • Change Your Mind?: If you decide later you don't want our emails, no problem! For emails, click the "unsubscribe" link we include. For certain order-related texts, see the text message section below how to opt-out.
  • Another Way to Opt-Out: If you'd rather, you can tell us directly you don't want messages. Just reach out to us at

Getting Texts from Us

Here's a simple breakdown of what it means when you choose to get text messages from us:

  • Mobile Terms of Service: You agree to the mobile terms of service listed here 
  • Saying Yes to Texts: If you sign up for our marketing texts, either on our website or by texting us, you're saying it's okay for us to send you promotional messages. These messages might tell you about special offers and other cool stuff. Sometimes, they might remind you about orders based on your actions on our site.
  • Say No to Texts: You may opt-out of texts at any time simply by replying with the word ‘Stop’. Alternatively, you can text the keyword command STOP to +18773983104 or click the unsubscribe link (where available) in any text message to cancel. Please note you'll receive a one-time opt-out confirmation text message.
  • How Often We Text: It varies. But remember, you're choosing to get these texts. You don't have to, and it's not required to buy anything from us.
  • Costs: While we don't charge you for these texts, your phone plan might. Check with your phone company to see if they charge for texts or data. We're not responsible for any charges from your phone company.
  • Delivery: We'll do our best to send texts, but sometimes there might be delays or issues. We and your phone company aren't responsible if that happens. Also, if your phone plan doesn't allow for texts, you won't get our messages.
  • Your Info: We'll know your phone number, your phone company, and the texts you get from us. We'll use this info based on our Privacy Policy.
  • Changing Your Number: If you get a new number, please update your account with us. This way, we won't accidentally text someone else with your old number. If you add a new number to your account, that number might get our marketing texts unless you tell us not to.

Remember, you can always choose not to get texts from us. Just follow the steps we provided.

Disclosing Your Info: When and Why

Here's a simpler explanation of when and why we might disclose your personal information:

  • To provide and improve our products: We may disclose your information with vendors or service providers, for example, we may disclose personal information to vendors that help us communicate with you (e.g., our email service provider, chatbot provider).
  • Advertising and marketing: We may disclose your information to help us with our marketing needs. Additionally, third parties may obtain your information via cookies and other similar tracking technologies on our website for their own advertising purposes.
  • Following the Law: Sometimes, we might have to share your info because the law says so. This could be to follow rules in different countries or to work with legal authorities.
  • Safety and Security: If we think someone's safety is at risk, or if there's potential illegal activity or fraud, we might share your details to help sort things out.
  • Terms and Conditions: If someone breaks our rules (the Terms and Conditions of Use), we might need to share their info.
  • Outside Your Country: Just a heads up, your info might be stored or looked at in countries other than where you live. Authorities in those places might access it too.

In short, we only share your info when it's really necessary, either for safety reasons or because the law requires it.

Disclosing Your Info: The Basics

Let's break this down into simpler terms:

  • Working with Other Companies: Sometimes, Orebella works with other companies to help us out. This could be for things like computer work, legal advice, or accounting. When we do this, we might share your info with them. But, we make sure they promise to keep it secret and only use it for the job we gave them.
  • We Don't ‘Sell’ Your Info: We don't sell your personal information for any kind of compensation. But, because of how some U.S. state laws define "selling" or "sharing" info, the ads and tracking technology on our website might count as a "sale or share." Don't worry, you can choose not to allow these cookies through our cookie preference center in this policy or website footer.
  • Aggregated Info: We might share information that doesn't reveal who you are. This could be data that's been aggregated with other people's info or made anonymous to keep your identity safe. We do this in a way that follows privacy laws.
  • Anonymous Info: We might also share info that doesn't directly identify anyone. This could be combined with similar info from other sources. We use this kind of info to help us understand our users better and improve our website.

In short, we're careful with your info. We only share it when needed, and we make sure it's protected.

What Happens to Your Info if Our Business Changes Hands?

Let's simplify that:

  • Business Changes: If Orebella decides to merge with another company, gets bought, restructures, or faces any major business changes, your data might be part of the deal. This includes all the details we've collected on our website, even your personal info.
  • Worst-Case Scenario: If something bad happens to Orebella, like going out of business or facing bankruptcy, the same thing applies. The company that takes over can use your info, but they have to follow this Privacy Policy.
  • We'll Let You Know: If any of this happens, we'll put a notice on our website. We might also reach out in other ways if the law says we have to.

In short, if our business changes hands, your info might too. But the new owners will have to follow the same rules we do.

How Long Do We Keep Your Info?

  • Why We Keep It: We hold onto your personal information to provide our services, for record-keeping, and for other reasons we've mentioned before.
  • Getting Rid of It: There might come a time when Orebella decides to delete, erase, or make your info anonymous. Once it's made anonymous, we promise not to identify it again.
  • Specifics: For more details on how long we keep your info, check out the retention policies in this Privacy Policy.

In short, we keep your info for as long as we need it, but we might decide to delete or anonymize it later.

Links and Social Media on Our Website

  • Links to Other Sites: Our website has links to other websites and apps, perhaps like our social media platforms. These sites might ask for your info or automatically collect some details (like your IP address).
  • Different Rules: Remember, these sites might have their own privacy rules. So, their way of handling your info might be different from ours. It's a good idea to check out their privacy policies to know what they do with your data.
  • Social Media Features: We might have some cool social media buttons and widgets on our site, like the Facebook “like” button. When you use these, they might collect info like your IP address or which page you're on. They might also use cookies to work properly.
  • Who's Hosting: These social media features could be hosted by another company or directly by us. How they handle your info is based on their own privacy policies. So, if you're using these features, you might want to read up on their policies too.

The Bottom Line: when you click on links or use social media features on our site, you're interacting with other platforms that might have different privacy rules. Always good to stay informed!

How We Keep Your Info Safe

  • Our Promise: At Orebella, we're serious about keeping your personal information safe. We follow the rules and use the best practices to protect your info.
  • Safety Measures: We use top-notch security tools like firewalls and SSL certificates. Plus, only a few people in our team can access your info. All this info is stored in servers right here in the U.S.
  • But, A Heads Up: Even with all these measures, the internet isn't 100% safe. So, if something goes wrong (like a tech glitch or a hacker), we can't be held responsible. But we'll do our best to prevent that!
  • If Something Goes Wrong: If we ever think there's been a security issue and your info might have been exposed, we'll let you know ASAP. We'll post an update on our website and, if we can, we'll also send you an email.

The Bottom Line: We're doing everything we can to keep your details safe. But remember, the online world has its risks, so always be cautious!

Your Rights and Choices

The Bottom Line: You have control over your info. Reach out if you want to make any changes!

  1. Know Your Info: You can ask us about the personal details we've collected about you in the past year. This includes: 
    • What info we collected
    • Where we got it from
    • Why we collected or sold it
    • Who we shared it with
    • Specific details we have about you
    • If we sold or shared your info, who got it

You can ask for this info twice a year.

2. Delete Your Info: You can ask us to delete your personal details. But, there are some reasons we might need to keep it, like

3. To finish a transaction or provide a service you asked for

    • To find and stop security issues or illegal activity
    • To fix errors in our products
    • To follow free speech rights or other laws
    • For research that benefits the public
    • To follow our legal duties
    • For other uses that match the reasons you gave us the info
4. Correct Mistakes: If you think we have wrong info about you, you can ask us to fix it.
5. Opt out: You have the right to opt out of certain marketing and other uses of your personal information including third party targeted advertising.
    • Email Marketing: You can unsubscribe to our email list by clicking ‘unsubscribe’ at the bottom of the marketing email.
    • Texting: As noted above, you can opt out of marketing sms messages by replying ‘stop’ at any time.
    • Cookies and similar technology: You can opt out of third party advertising cookies via our ‘cookie preference center’.

You can exercise these rights by clicking here or via our ‘Your Privacy Choices ’ webpage.

6. Proving It's You: When you ask about or want to change your info, we need to make sure it's really you. This is called a "verifiable consumer request." You, or someone legally allowed to act for you, can make this request. If you're a parent, you can also make a request for your child.

To make a request, please fill out this form or contact us at

7. Our Response Time: You will usually get a response within an hour. However, in certain cases we may have to run addition processes, and the answer to your request may come within 45 days. If we need more time (up to 90 days), we'll let you know why and when you can expect an answer. We won't charge you for this unless you're asking too often or without a good reason. If there's a fee, we'll tell you why and how much it'll be.

8. Keeping Your Request Info Safe: We'll only use the details you give in your request to check your identity and to answer your request.


Right to Non-Discrimination (Simplified)

1. Equal Treatment: We promise not to treat you unfairly if you exercise your rights. This means we won't:

  • Refuse to serve you
  • Charge you more or offer discounts/benefits to make you pay more
  • Give you a lower quality of service or goods
  • Suggest that you might get a worse deal or service

2. Financial Incentives: Sometimes, we might offer special deals or levels of service that are based on the personal details you share. But:

  • These offers will always follow the law
  • The offer will match the value of the info you give us
  • We'll always ask for your clear permission before including you in these offers, and you can change your mind anytime.

Legal Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

The terms of this Privacy Policy are governed by the laws of the State of California, USA, irrespective of any conflict of law principles. For more details on dispute resolution and the governing laws for this Website, please click here.

Contact Information and how to Reach Out

Should you have any queries or concerns about this Privacy Policy or the way we manage your Personal Information, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at We're here to help!