this world is my soul.
this world is who i am.
this world offers the ability
to bloom and grow,
with the most perfect

these scents are a blending of
my past, my present,
and my future.
this is 'ôrebella.

Pronounced aura-bella, ’Ôrəbella stems from Bella’s family name, Hadid, which translates to iron ore in Arabic. Ore, a naturally occurring material from which valuable minerals are extracted, aligns with Aura—a distinctive atmosphere that envelops and emanates from and around all of us.

the first intentional skin parfum

'Ôrəbella introduces a unique and innovative approach to fine fragrance. Each intentional skin parfum is alcohol-free, hydrating, and elevated with essential oils to infuse with and last on the skin while amplifying the wearer’s aura. Going beyond cruelty-free, clean, and vegan, 'Ôrəbella is also dermatologist tested and suitable for sensitive skin.

nourish skin + soul

'Ôrəbella is inspired by nature, harnessing its healing benefits to enhance both skin and soul. Our signature bi-phase formula features two layers that moisturize skin and deliver a long-lasting fragrance immersion. With an activating shake, the fusion of the bi-phase creates a magnetic perfume that becomes one with the skin.

transcendent scents

We collaborated with top global fragrance houses Firmenich and Robertet to develop a parfum collection that transcends traditional gender and age barriers, providing everyone the freedom to express each facet of themselves through memory-evoking scents. By banning over 1,300 ingredients, meeting strict third-party standards for safety, and responsibly sourcing all premium ingredients, 'Ôrəbella reflects Bella's dedication to making an exceptional product that promotes self-confidence and a healthy daily ritual for all.

the first intentional skin parfum




dermatologist tested

suitable for sensitive skin

Lasts All Day

designed with heart

Bella worked with renowned creatives to construct heartfelt packaging that incorporates her personal passion for vintage perfumery and the earth. Each geode-shaped bottle is meant to be held in the palm of your hand to shake and feel the energetic shift. With another ode to the natural world, the glass bottles are made with recyclable materials and housed in FSC-certified cartons. All 'Ôrəbella parfums are made in the USA.

dedicated to positive impact

'Ôrəbella is forged in Bella’s commitment to giving back. The Ôrəbella Alchemy Foundation aims to create tangible positive change by supporting organizations that share the brand’s ethos via a minimum of 1% of net sales donation across every purchase.

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auras radiate from

nature’s healing force

every new breath guiding

towards your inner source

transforming the elements

within each being


empowering, deeply seeing

each shake a journey

fusing body and mind

to reveal your alchemy,

one of a kind

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sheer floral
jasmine, rose, tonka bean


blooming fire

warm floral
monoi, bergamot, patchouli


salted muse

Woody Marine
sea salt, olive tree, cedarwood