bella’s story

For me, fragrance has always been at the center of my life—helping me feel in charge of who I am and my surroundings. From my home to nostalgic memories, to my own energy and connection with others, scent has been an outlet for me. It made me feel safe in my own world. Through my healing journey, I found that I was extremely sensitive to the alcohol in traditional perfumes—both physically and mentally—it became something that was more overwhelming than calming to me. That is the main reason I wanted to find an alternative, so essential oils became an artistic and experimental process for me. Growing lavender on my farm, walking through my garden every morning, learning about the history of my family making homemade scents, I realized I might have a calling in this. I found healing, joy, and love within nature’s scents.

I began to use pure essential oils of every form. From floral to woodsy to citrus to herbal, I became obsessed with concocting the perfect scents that had unique and interesting twists. I would wear these blends every day—out to the store, to work, or just hanging with friends. It made me feel more connected to not only myself, but to others that would find joy in them as well. I made it a part of my daily ritual. Getting compliments for something I loved to do, and something that felt healthy for me, made me realize that maybe this product wasn’t only for me; it was something I needed to share with the world. My passion for scent didn’t have to just be a healing ritual for myself, it could be something that inspires beauty and devotion to scent in others too.

This is why I am so proud of ‘Ôrəbella. It was truly a dream and a passion, that through the universe and authentic dedication, was able to become this brand. It’s an art project turned product, that I can wear on my body and flaunt with confidence—nostalgic, fresh, comfortable, and sexy.

I can’t wait for everyone to discover the world of ‘Ôrəbella. My main mission for any person who experiences ‘Ôrəbella is to feel connected to themselves. I can’t wait to hear what you truly think because that means the most to me. The ‘Ôrəbella world is my soul. This world is who I am. This world offers the opportunity to bloom and grow, with the most perfect imperfections. These scents are a blending of my past, my present, and my future. This is ’Ôrəbella.